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Farrier Schools

We often get calls and emails from people looking for farrier / horseshoeing schools. We hope you find this helpful. “Education: the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty.” ― Mark Twain Arkansas Horseshoeing School 22285 State Highway 154 Dardanelle, Arkansas 72834 Phone: 479-858-1011 Web site: www.arkansashorseshoeingschool.com Email: info@arkansashorseshoeingschool.com Auburn Horseshoeing Program 395 St. John Church Road Notasulga, […]

professional farrier skills and fees

The Salary of a Farrier

Are you wondering what to charge for your shoeing services? Maybe you’re a horseowner and have some questions about budgeting for proper hoof care for your horses. Here’s an interesting article from the Houston Chronicle regarding Farrier Salaries, including some of the training and credentials that can increase a farrier’s earning potential. Read the full […]

Frog infection treatment

Effective frog infection treatment includes thorough cleaning under the sloughing frog tissue and in the compromised cleavage area of the central sulcus. The best way to accomplish this is with soaking in a Borax solution or Clean Trax. For the Borax solution, mix 1 Tablespoon of Borax with 1 gallon of water. I’ve found that […]

Does your horse have a frog infection?

Frog infections are more common than most horse owners realize. Infection in the frog causes lameness and soreness issues that can be overlooked or mis-diagnosed when a horse is shod. If you horse is suffering from frog infection, you’ll see separations and sloughing in the frog tissue. Frog tissue separation traps mud and manure, causing […]

equine lameness rehab

Lameness Rehabilitation – Symmetry

Lameness rehabilitation is a full-body, symmetry balancing and re-conditioning process. For example, if your horse is experiencing a lameness issue in or near the hoof, you will also notice muscle changes in the haunches, back, shoulder and neck area. Atrophy and weakness on one side and stiffness on the other can occur from lower limb […]

Horse Nutrition

One bit of advice you might hear around the barn is if a horse isn’t in full work, its a good idea to cut back on feed. When you’re making this big decision there are several factors to consider: Current Weight If your horse is on the heavy side, then cutting back is a good […]

cleaning out the hoof

Treating Thrush

This spring as you go about your routine of picking out your horse’s hooves, you may discover an unusual thick black discharge and foul smell around the frog. These are the early signs of the hoof disease thrush. Thrush is an infection of the frog and of the surrounding tissue of the hoof. The bacteria […]